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Countries for soft-launching a mobile messaging app

Bolt by Instagram has chosen New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa to soft launch. Source: The Verge

Why soft-launching a mobile app?

  • check that your data analytics stack is set and working properly!
  • does your monetization and UA funnel work?
  • use extra time to fix bugs!
  • gather initial user feedback (reviews and ratings) for further improvement of your app!

Iterate, improve, promote - you know the drill…

On ASO tools: feature, no business. Part of bigger mobile analytics solution. Combined w/ in-app & attribution.
Yours truly

The new design for app detail pages within the upcoming update for the Google Play store. Picture on top is the current view, below is the pre-release design.

More pictures and infos on the new Google Play store: Android Police

An excellent post by Henri Liriani on the topic every mobile developer has issues with: reviews & ratings.


  • Surface review interactions to the dialog, don’t make me leave the app.
  • Don’t require a password to leave a review, I own the app already don’t I?
  • Remove message text in review prompts. They’re the same in every app.
  • Merge the title + review fields.
  • Lose the useless “Later” button and limit prompts to once per version.
  • If possible, prompt for a review after a reasonable amount of time (i.e. not the first day I have the app) and after a positive interaction.
  • Remember ratings from previous versions, so subsequent review prompts are always constructive and don’t feel redundant.

My talk during the App Promotion Summit in London on how important localization is for your appstore meta data. Including 4 showcases of success.

  • What elements of your app store presence can be localised?
  • What impact can you achieve with localisation?
  • How to manage and deliver localisation effectively?

Apple App Reviews - Tec Specs (via @apptamin #APS2014

Greg Chang (GM APAC) @glumobile talks ASO at #wnconf

Greg Chang (GM APAC) @glumobile talks ASO at #wnconf

Very helpful, strongly recommend it.