App Store Optimization
FREE DOWNLOAD - a list of ASO tools. Get the spreadsheet here.

FREE DOWNLOAD - a list of ASO tools. Get the spreadsheet here.

Interview zu App Marketing & App Store Optimization | by tobiasgillen

ASO Case Study - Casino & Slots App myVEGAS

The app: myVEGAS

The case study: The Effect of Ratings on Search Rankings

The conclusions:

  1. POSTIVE imho: Ratings have an enormous effect on ASO.
  2. NEGATIVE imho: “Blackhat” or “Greyhat” App Store Optimization is happening, and it works.
ASO, iOS Promotion & Google marketing techniques [Conference]

Spring is coming and I am planning to attend conferences and events. The first one is “Game Monetisation Europe" in London (May 14-15th, Promo Code for £150 discount: SB100).

I will cover the latest in ASO, but there are some more great talks on the agenda.

I.e. Apple App Store former Marketing Manager, Michael Ehrenberg and Google Games Specialist Ross Brockman, will be delivering two exclusive workshops, exploring how you can maximize success on iOS and with Google tools:

  • Hear how to get featured on iOS 
  • Gain insider insight into past iOS successes and how you can replicate them 
  • Learn crucial iOS and Google marketing techniques

Feel free to use the promo code SB100 to get £150 off.


NEW: Related search suggestions in the Apple App Store. 

App Store Optimization: 3 fresh case studies

Kristian Rabe pointed me to this ASO iPad app.

I didn´t try it yet, but feel free to share your experience in the comments.

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PODCAST: App Marketing & App Store Optimization

It was a pleasure to talk with Steve Young who runs MOBILE APP CHAT, a great blogs featuring interviews with app marketers, developers and people in the app industry. Steve knows apps & games, being a developer of this educational game himself.

End of last year he pinged me regarding ASO

About the episode: Are you looking for clever, little known tricks that you can use to better optimize your app in the Google Play and Apple App Store? Well I have Stefan Bielau who is a leading expert in app marketing to teach us some things we maybe missing when it comes to ASO. Also listen to the two things that ASO will not help with your apps.